The Impure Snows

Sometime in the future, an unusually long winter brings with it a deadly new pathogen.  The only cure is a new medicine known as Elixir, but there are those who fear it.  While humanity moves south to escape the cold and the sickness, one family heads further north into the impure snows. Season One, January 11, 2022 Thanks for spending this long winter with us! Leave us a comment below when you thaw out. CREDITS PLAYERS: Tara – Katie Van Gilse Owen – Edmund Van Gilse Dad – Dirk Van Gilse Colonel Tremblay – Dirk Van Gilse WRITTEN BY: Dirk Van Gilse, with Jon Lansing & The Trenchcoat Monkeys Writers Guild DIRECTED BY: Dirk Van Gilse RECORDED & ENGINEERED BY: Heidi Van Gilse PRODUCED BY: Trenchcoat Monkeys Productions Proudly made in NY’s Hudson Valley.