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02 Apr

Episode 6 Will Take You to Paradise

It’s been taking us some time to release BEDTIME SWEETS Episode #6, but this is where we’ve been spending our time.  This lovely,

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05 Feb

Audacious! We’re now on Audacy!

Fans of, the internet radio platform, can now listen to us at:
11 Jan
The Impure Snows Episode Artwork

The Impure Snows

Sometime in the future, an unusually long winter brings with it a deadly new pathogen.  The only cure is a new medicine known as Elixir, but

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04 Dec

We’re Headed to the Frozen North in Episode 5

Photo by Tobias Bjørkli via For your winter holiday enjoyment, BEDTIME SWEETS podcast is heading to the great, white, frozen north

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26 Nov

Follow Us On Tumblr!

BEDTIME SWEETS Sci-Fi / Horror Audio Fiction Anthology podcast now has a Tumblr blog! Check it out at
25 Nov

BEDTIME SWEETS Anthology Podcast Trailer

Our first trailer is up on Vimeo.  Stay tuned for video versions of our podcast episodes, coming soon! Visit us at:
23 Nov
Bedtime Sweets Thanksgiving

Bonus: A Thanksgiving Message From Chumley

A very special Thanksgiving message from Episode 4’s one and only Chumley the Rabbit!  Happy Holidays from the Bedtime Sweets Team! Thanks

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13 Nov


Fans of the Podtail and audio fiction podcasts can now can listen and subscribe to BEDTIME SWEETS on their favorite app, Check us out here:

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11 Nov

Listen to BEDTIME SWEETS on Podknife

BEDTIME SWEETS can now be found on Podknife at:
08 Nov
The Foster Fail

The Foster Fail

Here's a story about a little boy who's loves his video games too much -- even more than his Mommy. 

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