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Listening to a podcast is easy!

For all of you who are already familiar with podcasts, we hope you are enjoying our show and leaving comments — every comment helps our show evolve and reach new listeners.

For those of you just getting acquainted with podcasts, this page is to help you get started.

Let’s Start Listening to BEDTIME SWEETS

BEDTIME SWEETS is an sci-fi / horror anthology podcast featuring short audio drama about 12-20 minutes in length.  A new episode is released every month, around the 1st every month.  You can find all our episodes on this website’s Episodes page.

Alternately, you can listen on an iPhone or Android (or other phone) using a “podcatcher” — an app on your device that gives you access to podcasts.

If you’ve already listened to a podcast on a podcatcher, then you know what we’re talking about.  Here is where you can find a list of apps where BEDTIME SWEETS is available.

Share your listening experience!

Know someone who would love BEDTIME SWEETS?  Here’s how you can share it.

Below is the player for our “Ultimate Gamer” episode on our Episodes page.

Now look in the upper right hand corner.  Right under the Podbean logo, you’ll see the share button which looks like this:

Just press on the share button and you will see the following share options:

How to share BEDTIME SWEETS podcast

You can copy the link and send it, embed it into HTML, send the RSS feed, or send it viaFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Tumblr.

Easy peasy!

Listening & Sharing With Other Apps

Another great way to listen to our show is with apps that can be shared and embedded like the RadioPublic player below:

Or rhis one from Deezer:

Or Listen Notes:

Or TuneIn:

Sending via Your Phone

Here are instructions for listening and sharing on your phone or device:

iPhones / iPads

Look for the Apple podcasts app icon that look like this:

Click on the app and it will open the Apple Podcasts player.  Select an episode from the episode list and press play.

To share the episode, look for the row of symbols as seen below:

Click on the symbol that looks like three dots.  This will bring up the following share options:

Choose your share option, and you’re done.


Look for an app associated with any of the players on our Subscribe page.

Download the app to your phone.

Open the app, select an episode from the list of episodes, and enjoy!


Get notified of new episodes by clicking the “Follow” button in your app of choice.  We will release a new episode at the beginning of each month.

Comments & Ratings

And remember to please leave us a comment and a rating in the corresponding sections of your favorite app.  Reviews help us get to know our audience and produce great new episodes.

Another great place to leave us a review is on Podchaser, a great site for subscribing to all your favorite shows.  You can use the badge below to review us right now!

Podchaser - Bedtime Sweets

Get Hooked!

We want you to get hooked on podcasts and to start enjoying stories from new and original voices.

BEDTIME SWEETS is here to bring you fresh stories that are though-provoking and cannot be found in mainstream entertainment.

Have fun listening, and nighty, night!

Photo by Jonathan Borba.

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