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BEDTIME SWEETS is a sci-fi / horror anthology podcast featuring short dramas about near future dystopias, humanity struggling for existence on far off worlds, augmented reality run amok, and other unsettling themes.


BEDTIME SWEETS podcast is a sci-fi / horror anthology series of short audio dramas, each about 12-20 minutes in length.

It features a small cast of players tackling unsettling themes, including near future dystopias, the struggle for human existence on far off worlds,  augmented reality run amok, and more.

The show is currently in Season One, with 12 episodes slated for Fall 2021- Fall 2022.  Episodes will be released monthly; depending on support from listeners and sponsors, the production schedule may ramp up during the season.

BEDTIME SWEETS is currently free to download and is advertisement-free.  Fans may support the show by becoming patrons at Ko-Fi, and by purchasing merchandise at Red Bubble (all proceeds from fan shop purchases are directed towards producing the BEDTIME SWEETS podcast).

The show is hosted by Podbean where it can be found at the following RSS feed:

Intended Audience

BEDTIME SWEETS steadfastly avoids profanity and suggestive story elements which are unsuitable for younger audiences.  Parental guidance is, however, recommended for children who may have trouble understanding complex, unsettling themes raised by the sci-fi / horror stories that make up this anthology series.

Premiere & Upcoming Season

BEDTIME SWEETS was launched early September 2021.  Production on Season One episodes is ongoing at the current time.

Latest news and episode release notes are available on our blog.

Production Team

BEDTIME SWEETS is proudly written and produced in New York’s Hudson Valley.

The creative team behind the show is led by Dirk Van Gilse, writer / director / voice actor.  He is a member of the Trenchcoat Monkeys Writers Guild, a collection of upstate New York authors who contribute to the show, along with Dirk’s family, whose voices are heard in all BEDTIME SWEETS episodes.

Heidi van Gilse, Dirk’s wife and co-creator, is the show’s host and sound engineer.

Katie Van Gilse (daughter of Heidi and Dirk) is a voice actor on the show.

Edmund van Gilse (son of Heidi and Dirk) is a voice actor, sound effect designer, and artwork designer.

BEDTIME SWEETS is a Trenchcoat Monkeys Production.

Artwork & Music

Episode artwork is the work of Edmund Van Gilse.

Special thanks to Eberhard Grossgasteiger from Pexels whose image is featured in our front page banner.

Additional imagery on this website is courtesy of Pexels and credited to the individual artists as they appear.

The BEDTIME SWEETS theme, featured in the show’s intro and outro, was recorded by Katie and Edmund Van Gilse.  It is based on the Russian Cossak Lullaby, with English lyrics by Dirk Van Gilse.  Arranged by Heidi Van Gilse.

Listener Statistics

Within the first two months of the debut of the BEDTIME SWEETS podcast, the show had over 300 downloads.


Currently no reviews.

Social Media

As BEDTIME SWEETS strives to offer the best, speculative, edgy science fiction and horror, there is always a chance that someone, somewhere may be offended for reasons beyond our control.

To avoid current restrictive trends on the human imagination, our show is  exploring social media channels that are committed to freedom of expression.

As an alternative to social media, fans can stay in touch with us on Substack and Medium.

Our Substack is located at:

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We also maintain a presence on Tumblr at:


For more information about our show, our production team, or to request an interview, reach out to us at  Or use the form on our contact page to send us a message.

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